Three into one will go – at least at Turton!

THE title of the competition is intriguing enough to warrant explanation.


Turton Golf Club

TEE FOR THREE: Turton Golf Club

“A Unique Mixed Gender Three Tee Stableford” will be played at Turton Golf Club on Thursday (May 22) which entitles all sections of  membership to compete against each other from all three tees.

It’s never happened before in the moorland club’s 106-year history – and that’s why it’s unique!

And because the standard scratch and par are the same from the white, yellow and red boxes it means that in the mixed stableford qualifying competitions no adjustment to handicaps is necessary.

This has only been made possible by the competitions committee putting devising means to calculate the results because club’s existing software can’t actually cope with it!

Meanwhile, Turton has been making great strides over recent years to be an all-inclusive club.

All gender specific membership categories have been removed; two nine hole courses for handicap qualifying have been certified by England Golf; and an extensive range of membership categories and initiatives have been put in place.

They include a junior academy offering free coaching by the club’s PGA professional Sean Owen.




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