Golf is six hit for Bolton schoolkids

A GROUP of Bolton school kids have received six of the best – but none of them complained.



They were taking part in a form of quick golf at the town’s Lostock Park club for students with little experience of the game.

The Super Sixes involved six teams of six players competing over six holes varying from 90 to 50 yards in 60 minutes.

They used Golf Extreme equipment designed for the format which included soft balls and shorter clubs affording more control.

Each team started on a different hole and played a Texas Scramble  All players would pick up their ball and play from where the best one landed, continuing the routine all the way to green.

Then the teams would nominate a person to take all the putts.

Winners Canon Slade High received an engraved gold medal and the title of Bolton Schools’ Super Sixes Champions and a silver medal was presented to every competitor.

PGA professional Ian Orrell, the club’s golf director, said: “The day went amazing well, with the great work by Chris Dyson from Thornleigh Salesian College, the students seemed to enjoy every minute.

“Bolton Golf Club is keen to introduce and encourage everybody young and old to the game. This format allows youngsters to try a new sport in a very safe and enjoyable environment. We will be organising another competition for them.”

Meanwhile, the next junior event that the club is the Bolton Schools’ Championship on June 30. Thirteen teams have signed up, including defending champions Bolton Grammar School for Boys.



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