Blooming lovely! Golf at Southport Flower Show

BUDDING golfers can get into the swing at this week’s Southport Flower Show.

IMG-20140614-00352But the expected 120,000 visitors won’t have to duck for cover from flying missiles.

Free taster sessions will be conducted in a netted area by PGA professionals from the Tarleton-based Southport Golf Academy who will have an outdoor stand at the show from Thursday to Sunday.

James Carpenter, who will oversee the coaching clinics with colleagues Richie Benyon and Matt Chilman, said: “We’ve been told it’s the first time anyone has tried this in the event’s history. Given it’s staged on England’s Golf Coast and the fact that courses are essentially large, well-kept gardens, there should be a lot of opportunity!

“We do smaller versions of these most weekends at local schools and church fund-raisers and we had a lot of success in getting people to try the taster sessions.

“As the attendance at the show is very much family orientated we are very optimistic about our initiative.”


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