Jacklin backs Real Golf campaign

TONY Jacklin has been appointed president of the Campaign for Real Golf.

The initiative, launched earlier this year, aims to restore the game of golf to its roots,  recreational, enjoyable, affordable and less time-consuming.

Today’s ills of the game, leading to drastic reductions in clubs and players in many parts of the world, stem from factors like equipment and ball development, course lengths, complex rules and handicapping systems leading to excessive playing time and the consequent exclusion of potential new young players, women and families.

Jacklin is on record as saying said that, much as he loved the game, he feared for the future.

He said: “All I care about is that we can continue to play golf and enjoy the game globally, what the Campaign for Real Golf stands for is all the key fundamental elements of the game which at times are being neglected and in some cases eradicated.

“I think the introduction of par 3 courses is highly important but also we must champion the existing courses across the world that have made golf what it is today.”

The Campaign was founded by a group five lovers of the game with no commercial or financial interests.

Campaign for Real Golf http://www.realgolfcampaign.org/


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