Don’t be a slow coach!

FORMBY Hall is hosting the regional England Coaching Conference on April 8 with Dr Richard Bailey as keynote speaker.

And PGA North professionals are expected to attend in force. Here are 10 reasons why:

+Listen to a highly regarded international authority on sports coaching

+Discover the 8 fundamental principles of effective golf coaching

+Understand how golf coaches (and the golf industry!) use and abuse science, and how this impacts upon coaching

+Gain insights into the golf market – allowing you to develop an effective golf coaching offer

+Learn what golfers perceptions and attitudes are towards coaching and how you can drive engagement

+Opportunity to network with fellow PGA Professionals and individuals in golf

+Review your knowledge of ball flights and impact factors

+Learn about the NEW Level 3 coaching qualification and what it involves

+Listen to and work with some of the new PGA Level 3 tutor workforce

+Learn how the PGA can support you (the PGA Professional) to be a high performing golf coach

Keynote speakers also include  the PGA’s very own Level 3 coaching tutors Kirsty McDonald, Andy Taylor and Steve Cardy.

Below is a link to all the information you need to know about the event.!.aspx

To book your place call the PGA Membership Education department on 01675 470 333.





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