Lancs president lands Good for Golf award

LANCASHIRE president Tony McMunn has been presented with the Stewart Golf Good for Golf award that that recognises outstanding service to the game.

Tony McMunn

Tony McMunn

He was nominated by Pat Vickers, a member of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club which has its own golf league, who said: “His achievements are so many and varied it would take pages and pages to talk about them.”

McMunn joined Ashton and Lea in 1995, was captain in 1999 and five years later was chairman of directors when the club achieved Golf Mark status in 2005.

He was instrumental in securing funding from Lancashire schools to allow “in school” golf coaching by the professional at Ashton and Lea. This was followed by Tony’s campaign to allow juniors reduced subscriptions up to the age of 25 years.McMunn became a board member of Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs in 2003, where he secured county junior coaching on a regular basis at Ashton and Lea. He’s been a member of the Lancashire Junior Committee since 2000.

Pat,  added: “He is continually trying to improve the lot of the average golfer, in particular the juniors.”


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