Relieved Hunt wins last hole thriller

MICHAEL Hunt homed in on the East Lancashire GA Harold Ryden Championship at his club Pleasington in a final that had as many twists and turns as a helter-skelter ride – and the finish was just as breathless!

MICHAEL HUNT: Close finish

MICHAEL HUNT: Close finish

The Lancashire County player stormed three up after five holes, thanks to a brace of birdies against  Anthony Harwood.

But the Blackburn man stopped him in his tracks by winning the seventh and the margin remained the same  before

Hunt almost aced the short 12th to regain his three hole advantage.

And when he won the next with his fifth birdie it looked game over.

Harwood revived his hopes by claiming the 14th  then dramatically holed in one on the 152-yard 16th!

The drama did not end there as Hunt lost the 17th to reduce his lead to one.

Harwood then struck his shot to three feet on the 18th but there was no happy ending as his putt to take the game into extra time lipped out.

A clearly relieved Hunt got up and down from the back of the green for a half and victory.


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