Cheshire beat Durham after fight-back

CHESHIRE snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in the Daily Telegraph Northern Counties League clash with bottom side Durham at Delamere Forest.

After halving the foursomes, the hosts lost ground early in the singles and trailed by two points after five matches.

Jon Beesley led the fightback when he despatched Imran Aziz on the final green where, astonishingly, the ensuing three ties were settled by the same margin in Cheshire’s favour.

Relieving the tension were past captain David Peel, Cameron Massey and Ashley Page who eclipsed respective opponents Jordan Bettis, Sam Donald and  John Kennedy.

Then anchor man Sam Prince weighed in the decisive point by beating Louis Fraser by two holes.

Cheshire go into their last match at Wilmslow on August 29 against Lancashire, who are deadlocked with Yorkshire at the top of the table.



                                    P          W         D          L          F          A          Pts

Lancashire                   4         3          1          0          42.5      29.5      7

Yorkshire                     4          3          1          0          42.5      29.5      7

Cheshire                      4          2          1          1          41         31         5

Cumbria                       4          1          1          2          36.5      35.5      3

N’land                           4          1          0          3          26         46        2

Durham                        4          0          0          4          29.5      42.5      0


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