Manchester company offers franchise deals

ONE of the UK golf industry’s fastest-growing new businesses is offering franchise opportunities nationwide for a limited period.

Manchester-based Golf Management Group, which specialises in strategic cost management for almost 500 UK golf clubs, is requesting expressions of interest from individuals or companies interested in becoming a franchisee.

Ten exclusive territories across the UK are available, each containing an average 128 clubs.

With customers ranging from 9-hole municipals to Open Championship venues, GMG uses the collective buying power of its members to negotiate supplier terms at attractive rates across a range of categories including energy, food and beverage, waste and  washroom management and several others.


GMG members have saved thousands of pounds in the process. It also deploys in-house specialists to manage costs and supplier contracts for its member golf clubs on an ongoing basis.

“Our franchisee selection process is very thorough: it is vital that we engage with the right people so as not to compromise the work we have done to date in nurturing relationships,  and building the Golf Management Group brand” said director Scott Partington.

“However, if you understand the inner workings of a golf club this franchise offers a turnkey business established over the last five years, with multiple revenue streams and superb backup support.”

“Our first franchisee trebled their initial investment within the first four years” he said. “We are a market leader in this field, and the business practices we have established have a proven track record. If you understand the language of golf, all you need is a computer, a phone, a car, access to the web and a determination to succeed.

“We will train you fully, and we have a superb head office team who will support you day-to-day once you are ready to start meeting people.”

GMG franchisee Phil Sparks represents the company in the South East region. “GMG South East returned almost 200 per cent on the initial investment last year alone, and is now growing 50 per cent year on year. New franchisees should be able to fast track their returns as we have gained a lot of experience over the last four years. GMG is a great team with to work with, and I have the independence to work as much or as little as I want.”

Franchising has tripled in size in the UK over the last 20 years. More than 900 brands run franchises in the country, from home-based operations to some of the world’s best-known brands. It has grown to become a £15billion business in the UK, with in excess of 44,000 outlets and 97 per cent f units operating at a profit (Source: British Franchise Association).

“You may be already in the sport and looking for a new challenge, or perhaps you are a business-minded golf-lover looking for a change of career” said GMG director David Valentine. “If you secure one of the remaining GMG franchises, you will be your own boss, trading in a familiar environment – the golf club – and you will have the freedom to spend time on your own interests as well as mixing business with pleasure.

“The speed at which we are growing is testament to the job we do for golf clubs. A GMG franchisee is likely to realise a significant return on their investment, which is why we expect this brief window of opportunity to create a lot of interest. We look forward to meeting people to discuss their application.”

Interested parties should contact Partington or Valentine at GMG on 0161 485 5410 for more details, and to request an application form.

Or visit


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