Bardsley homes in on Lancs men v ladies match

BOB Bardsley, who has made 170 appearances for Lancashire and won the county championship five times, will be back in action for the traditional men versus ladies match at his home club Denton on Sunday.The eight strong line-up also includes county captain Paul Williams, from Hillside, while their opponents have named England player and Clitheroe member  Sophie Lamb in an impressive field.

FOURSOMES: James Rooney (West Lancs) & Joe Brice (Manchester) v Sophie Lamb (Clitheroe) &  Georgia Coughlin (St Annes Old Links);  Curtis Clarkin (Nelson) & Reece Cranfield (Wigan) v Hollie Muse (West Lancs) & Beth Garton (Royal Lytham); Jack Shelley (Formby) & Anthony Stirling (Formby) v Louisa Brunt (Royal Birkdale) & Lauren Green (West Lancs); Paul Williams (Hillside) & Robert Bardsley (Denton) v Catherine Roberts (Pleasington) & Elizabeth Stebbings (Wilpshire)

SINGLES:  Brice v Muse; Rooney  v Lamb; Clarkin v Garton; Cranfield  v Coughlin; Shelley  v Green; Stirling  v Brunt; Williams  v Stebbings; Bardsley v Roberts.


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