Ben sets his sights on Hesketh glory

AN entrepreneurial-spirited Cheshire PGA professional is aiming to get his year off to a good start with victory in the Galvin Green PGA Assistants’ Championship qualifier at Hesketh.

Galvin Green PGA Assistants' Championship - Day 3

The Galvin Green PGA Assistants’ Championship trophy (Getty Images)

Ben Thompson will be among a number of north based pros tackling the Southport venue on Wednesday for a chance to tee up in the £32,000 championship final at Little Aston later this summer.

The Hazel Grove assistant, in his second year training through the PGA Foundation Degree programme, is a keen player who will fancy his chances of qualifying for the main event.

But longer term he set has his sights on establishing his own golf-specific fitness business once he has completed the rest of his training and become PGA qualified.

“It would be really nice to have a career in fitness,” he explained. “I’d love to develop my own studio on a range somewhere and incorporate a bit of fitness with some golf coaching as well. I need to finish my PGA training first though, as that is taking up a lot of my time at the moment.

“I’ve just finished my second year exams which were tough. It’s one of those things you’ve got to do if you want a career in the golf industry. I have been incredibly lucky that my boss here at Hazel Grove allows me to be flexible with my hours, and that allows me to continue to play the game competitively too.”

Thompson has one additional trick up his sleeve too. As a former long drive competitor he can hit the ball further than most.

“I don’t compete in long drive competitions any more, but I’m still fairly long off the tee,” he said. “I can hit it 340 yards when the conditions are right.

“I guess that does help although I played Hesketh a few weeks ago in PGA Lancashire and a few bad shots let me down. I’ll need to iron those out if I‘m going to do better this time and qualify for the final.”

Other players competing in the regional qualifier at Hesketh include: Iain Burrow (Preston), Michael Dennington (Hull), Michael Durcan (Beverley & East Riding), Nicholas Grime (Stockport), Joseph Lester (Bradley Park), Jason Shufflebotham (Denbigh) and Jamie Zazzi (Cookridge Hall).


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