Hamerton top of the shots at Marriott Worsley Park

ANOTHER full Manchester Alliance field enjoy a great day at Marriott Worsley Park as they produced a string of impressive scores.

Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) was the star pro of the day as he led in the individual pro section with 40 points, two points clear of Craig Corrigan (Chilli Dip Academy), order-of-merit  leader Phil Archer (Birchwood) and Jamie Howarth (Davenport) who was top assistant pro.

Hamerton made his a double as his club colleague Steve Hamlett helped him to 45 points to top the pro-am ahead of Phil Archer and Anton Johnson (Mere) 44 and Graham Cox (Lymm) and amateur merit leader Vinny Doyle (Leigh).

The familiar names of Marcus Corfield (Swinton Park) and Dave Smith (Ellesmere) were the top dogs in the am-am with 44 points, denying sponsor Bob Bardsley (Denton) and partner Steve Hamer (North Manchester) by one and Stamford duo Paul Traynor and Brian Thomas who posted 42.


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