MacKenzie upbeat on PGA Cup hopes

ALBERT MacKenzie’s optimism after his Great Britain and Ireland team saw a three-point lead trimmed to one was at odds with the colours of the umbrellas unfurled to combat the rain that fell on Foxhills on the second day of the PGA Cup.

Those hues could have reflected the moods in the opposing camps.

The black number sported by Great Britain and Ireland’s players and officials was anything but a jolly brolly.

By contrast, the red, white, blue and star-studded rain repellent held aloft by the Americans mirrored the vibrancy and feelgood factor in the visiting camp.

But for MacKenzie, always an upbeat character, his glass was half-full as opposed to half empty.

“This afternoon, the Americans came out of the blocks quickly and it looked as if we were going to struggle to perhaps even get anything out of the session,” he said.

“So, to finish with a point from this afternoon, which gives us a one-point advantage going into the singles, it’s a wonderful place to be. ”

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