PGA North announces new format for a united region

PGA North has launched a trail-blazing venture to promote a golf union embracing the whole region which is the biggest in the country outside Scotland.

The Players’ Series will tee off next month with a dozen fixtures spread across the North East and North West, Lancashire and Yorkshire and Cheshire and North Wales.

Regional secretary Jonathan Paine said: “These multi events are open to all members who will be able to compete in other counties for the first time under this new format. Anyone can enter if they are willing to travel.

“It also gives me the opportunity to see more members, which is part of my enhanced remit which includes all the regions playing as one. Reconnecting with everyone will make a huge difference.

“We will able to arrange more meetings with the counties and getting to know the professionals by going to see them. I know it’s the tip of the iceberg but I believe it will be the starting point of a bright new future.

“It could have a snowball effect which would encourage more sponsorship.”

The first event in the Players’ Series will be at The Range, a brand new indoor facility in Manchester’s Spinning Fields on March 24.

Other venues include Crossland Heath, Bolton Old Links, Northenden, Blackburn, Stamford, Ellesmere, Renishaw Park, Knutsford, Wakefield, Bishop Auckland (tbc) and Fulford.



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