Birdietime becomes official PGA Partner

BIRDIETIME, the Finnish-based company behind the increasingly popular online golf related booking, administration and marketing service for PGA Professionals, has become a PGA Partner.

The service connects coaches and golfers by allowing amateurs to find a club and PGA Professional on or buy services on a pro’s own website. Birdietime makes it easy to purchase private or group lessons as well as gift cards and packages.

Under its new PGA Partner status, Birdietime will continue its expansion across Great Britain, Ireland and within the EU, and develop stronger business relationships with professional golfers.


Birdietime cuts out administration duties for coaches, giving them more time to focus on more profitable activities, and provides opportunities to reach new clients as well as reducing the number of lesson ‘no-shows’.

As a result a PGA Professional’s workload is made easier by building an infrastructure to support booking and billing of golf lessons. In addition, players get easy access to a coach and golf clubs have a modern system for their members and visitors.

Commenting on the partnership, Mikko Back, founder and chief golf officer of Birdietime, said: “It was energising to meet with The PGA team.

“It enabled us to see how aligned we are in our thinking as to how the golf instruction business will evolve in the coming years.

“We want to free up PGA Professionals’ time from boring administrative tasks and let them focus on more profitable and enjoyable activities.

“Our mission is to help golfers save strokes and enjoy the game more by making instruction services a natural and easily accessible part of playing golf.

“And as The PGA’s focus is to provide added value to current and future golf professionals, we’re clearly on a joint mission.”

Launched in 2016, Birdietime has already registered more than 200 professionals registered in several countries, including Great Britain and Ireland.

Hamish Ferguson, PGA executive director, commercial, added: “We’re delighted to announce this exciting new partnership with Birdietime.

“Mikko and his innovative team have created a fantastic digital platform in a short space of time that I’m sure will be of great benefit to many of our Members.

“There are big changes taking place within golf and many of them are driven by new technology. This partnership is an example of The PGA moving with the times and making sure PGA Professionals are able to cater for those golfers who want services available 24/7 at the push of a button.

“We look forward to promoting Birdietime to our Members, partners and branded properties, and I am confident this is the start of a long and successful partnership.”

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