Lancashire’s pledge to grow golf

GOLF enthusiasts in Lancashire are being urged to make a pledge for 2019 – and help grow the sport. A new campaign aimed at players, administrators, ambassadors, volunteers and coaches intends to promote good news stories and the benefits of becoming actively involved in golf – while attracting and keeping newcomers at the county’s 140 clubs.

The Pledge4Golf initiative has been developed by Lancashire’s England Golf development officers – who work with the Lancashire Golf Union, the Lancashire Ladies County Golf Association, the Professional Golfers Association and the Golf Foundation – to encourage those already involved in the sport to think about how they can help protect its future, whether that be at a club, driving range or pay and play facilities.

“It doesn’t matter whether the pledge is big or small, it’s an acknowledgement that that person or group of people want to positively influence further development within the sport, which will be an example to other counties and clubs nationwide,” saHelen Searle.jpgid Helen Searle (pictured), one of two club support officers in Lancashire for England Golf alongside Adam McAlister.

“Anything that makes the sport more appealing to new players, or introduces a new generation of potential golfers, is a positive that can only help all of our clubs secure a sustainable future in the long-term.

“Everybody knows the challenges facing golf around issues like cost, the time taken to enjoy a round, and misconceptions about the sport, but equally there are so many benefits to be had from the exercise and fresh air of playing to the great social life to be enjoyed.

“Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, and during 2019 the golf development group will be working in areas attracting women and girls, increasing inclusivity and highlighting equality.

“The more people who pledge to make a difference in 2019, the more the sport as a whole will be able to grow and develop – and that can only by good news for all our clubs.”

Helen has pledged to continue to drive women and girls’ engagement from the grassroots up and to support the exciting arrival of the Girls Golf Rocks campaign to the county.

Adam has pledged to help get five new clubs signed up to SafeGolf in 2019, which offers a clear signal to potential members and players that a club has the correct child safeguarding policies in place and is a welcoming environment in which to enjoy the sport.

Anyone wanting to get involved can send their pledge to Adam or Helen Searle

Or use Twitter, with the hashtag #Pledge4Golf – and don’t forget to tag in @playgolfinlancs

Helen added: “Hopefully we can spread the word among the Lancashire golfing community, generate a lot of new ventures – and share in each other’s successes throughout 2019.”

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